Three Elegant Appetizers Using Shrimp, Escargot, and Mushrooms: Made Quick & Simple
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Three Elegant Appetizers Using Shrimp, Escargot, and Mushrooms: Made Quick & Simple

Appetizers are simple

Today I will offer up some recipes on a few appetizers I am sworn to think are among the best and most simple to prepare. Everyone of these dishes are delicious, stylish, and beautiful enough for any formal dinner party! These recipes require only basic ingredients yet offer-up fantastic results! I challenge you to try them all, and get back to me with your thoughts.

  • Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp In Dijon Champagne Sauce .......... Recipe is for 4 servings.
  • In a hot saute' pan place 4 Tbs Butter, 4 crushed Garlic cloves, minced Shallot, and 16 cleaned Jumbo Shrimp cook for 2 min. until shrimp begin to turn pink, splash with 3 oz Dry Champagne to deglaze the pan.  Add 1cup Heavy Cream reduce at high boil for 4 minutes add 4 Tbs Dijon Mustard, pinch white pepper, incorporate and plate. I love to garnish this dish with minced fresh Tarragon.When using Champagne for cooking I use "Wycliff" its affordable and has a good flavor for cooking.
  1. You may also use this as a beautiful Seafood Sauce topped over a Filet Mignon!
  2. Add Scallops to this recipe with diced Sun Dried, chopped Green Onions, and Mushrooms. It becomes a beautiful entree when placed in a augraitn dish and topped with bread crumbs and shredded Dry Jack Cheese, browned under a broiler! I also put a layer of Cargo Rice in the bottom of the dish, but any rice will do. Makes a perfect one dish meal if served with a crisp salad, and crusty bread.
  3. If you add Scallops and Crawfish tailsto the Shrimp, just mince them up and cook as directed use a bit more seafood, and serve as a "Hot Seafood Dip" with Melba Toast or Pita Chips for a quick party dip! Sometimes I add chopped spinach leaves, the minced sundried tomatoes, and the dry jack cheese to thicken it up and stretch the recipe....Fantastic! I love a "Ferrari Carano, Fume Blanc" with this recipe, if topping a steak try serving a "Cline, Ancient Vines, Red Zinfandel".

This next dish is a twist on a French Classic "Escargot". And I guarantee this to be the best Escargot you have ever had! The presentation is a twist as well, it simplifies using your own plate/soup plate for a beautiful presentation that requires no special serviceware. Just so you know all escargot in the USA is canned. You can pick them up at most markets these days, and I always choose the the X-tra Large size. I suggest serving these delicious "Creatures of the Sea" for this recipe in a Hollowed out French Baguette which has the inside smeared with butter and lightly toasted in the oven just before filling with the escargot. A section of 3" is about the right size of a bread cut in half. Cut the bread in a section of 3-4 inches remove the inside leaving the ends intact so as to hold the sauce and snails. This will be a small shallow boat.

  • Escargot in a Velvet Garlic Cream served in a Bread Boat:........serves 4
  • Heat a heavy Saute" pan, and to it add 5 Tbs Butter, 32 count Escargot, 5 Tbs minced fresh garlic, 3 minced Shallots, cook on high heat for 1 minute, add 2 its finely minced Rosemary, Parsley, Lemon zest,  Splash with 1 oz.Brandy to deglaze the pan, add 1 1/2 cups Heavy Cream reduce for 2 minutes. Pour in bread boat and serve! I suggest a "William Hill, Chardonnay" or a "B&G, Vouvray" both of these exceptional wines will Burst with Flavor when served with this recipe!
  1. I also love this sauce without the snails as a topper for Roasted Porkloin in the Fall.
  2. It can also be used as a Garlic Cream Sauce for Steaks, minus the lemon zest and add some Shitaki Mushrooms! If serving as a sauce on a steak I suggest a "Clos du Val, Cabernet Sauvignon"......Out of this World!

This next recipe is one that always hits a home run! The simple and quick recipe makes this an all time favorite for my family. Stuffed Mushrooms are Old School until now! These Mushrooms are filled with Apples,Cranberries, Bleu Cheese, and Almonds! Full of flavor, and simple to make ahead they will hold in the refrigerator for 24 hours then you bake them off in only 10-12 minutes.......serves 6.

  • Granny Smith Apple and Cranberry with Roquefort Stuffed Mushrooms:
  • You will need 2 large White Mushroom caps per serving, Stem removed.
  • 1 Granny Smith Apple Peeled, cored, and diced, 1 Green Onion chopped, 4 Tbs Toasted Almonds chopped, 3 Tbs. minced Dried Cranberries, 6 oz. Cream cheese softened, and 5 oz. Roquefort Cheese. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and stuff the mushroom caps. Bake at 350 degree in the oven for 10-12 minutes on a baking sheet with a bit of water so as they steam. I love to plate on a bed of Baby Spinach leaves, and serve with a bit of Chutney on the plate!
  1. These Mushrooms are great at room temp. as well so they work Great  for a party. They pair well with both White & Red Wines, so try them out! If serving with a Major Grey Chutney   I suggest a "Olivier LeFlaive, Blanc Les Setilles" it is crisp and clean with great body for a white wine from France and very affordable!

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