Nebbiolo Wine Pairing
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Nebbiolo Wine Pairing

Nebbiolo is a grape producing exceptional wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. Both wines are paired nicely with dishes that are hearty and flavorful.

In pairing any wine the characteristics of the wine itself play great importance. Barolo and Barbaresco are two specific wines made 100% from the Nebbiolo grape. Both are in a class of exceptional wines and have achieved DOCG status.

Nebbiolo is grown in the Italian province of Piedmont as well as the immediate surrounding areas. Considered to be very temperamental, it is extremely sensitive to soil and location. The result is Nebbiolo can produce wines that vary greatly in body, tannin and acidity. The differences can also be revealed in aroma and flavor complexity. Given the characteristics of the Nebbiolo grape it is not surprising that though Barolo and Barbaresco yield exclusively from Nebbiolo the result is two wines that are distinctly different. The grape producing Barbaresco grown only a short distance, less than ten miles from that of the Barolo, lends to Barbaresco being a softer more gentle wine.

Barbaresco is not required by the DOCG to age as long as Barolo, with two years to Barolos required three. This is due to the zone and soil in which Barbresco is grown, allowing a shorter time for the grapes to ripen and therefore reach fermentations earlier. The aging process in both wines is needed to balance the tannins and reveal its other aromatic and flavorful characteristics.

The wines that are produced from the Nebbiolo can be paired with hearty dishes such as stews and meats that have strong flavors. They also pair well with cheeses that are dry, aged and tend to have a strong distinctive taste of their own. In both Barolo and Barbaresco you will find the flavors and aromas they reveal to be that of violets, tar, cherries, raspberries, truffles, tobacco, black licorice and prunes. This in tern provides for a wine that is deep and rich in flavor.

Here are some of the food choices that will pair nicely with the Nebbiolo. Many hearty pastas dishes such as lasagna, a mushroom ravioli or you might try pizza pilled high with sausage. When pairing Nebbiolo you can never go wrong with a meal whose main dish consist of a roast or stew filled with your choice of game meat, lamb or even veal.

So grab a bottle of Barolo or perhaps Barbaresco and enjoy an evening of fine wine and delicious food.

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