How to Get Free Food
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How to Get Free Food

how to get free food

In these tough economic times everyone’s looking to make their dollar stretch as far as it can go. Oftentimes, food is the last thing to be bought after all the bills are paid for. Some families may even find themselves in a predicament where they are unable to afford to purchase food for themselves. There are many ways to get free food that most people do not know of or think of. If you find yourself in this type of predicament or you just like free food like me then consider the following options you have:

• Request food sample freebies online from companies: There are lots of food freebies floating around all over the internet. You will have to request these and have a valid mailing address to receive them. It will take a while to get it in the mail, but it is free food you’ll be able to eat when it arrives. In fact, right now Mars foods, the maker of M&M’s has a promotion going on where you can log onto their webpage Real Chocolate and request a coupon for free candy be mailed to you. This promotion is good every Friday for the next couple of months. Freaky Freddie's is a good site with a listing to several different food freebies.

• When you purchase food at several stores you can call or go online to take a survey to receive food from them for free. Burger King and Arby’s both do this. If you look on the back of your receipt the next time you go to either of these fast food restaurants you will notice there is a 1-800 number to call to answer a survey, if you do answer the survey they will give you a code that you can write on the receipt. You can then use that code and go back into Burger King and get a free whopper with the purchase of fries and a drink. You can get a free Arby’s roast beef sandwich, no purchase necessary. There are many other restaurants that ask you to fill out a survey and will enter you into drawings as well.

• Samples at stores: If you go to certain stores while they are handing out samples you can sample a lot of food for free. Costco, Sam’s Club and some other stores are famous for sampling products frequently, especially on the weekends.

• Free gift cards: You can get free gift cards from CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid by transferring a new prescription or giving them a new prescription at the pharmacy. Most of the time the gift card is for $25! You can use that to buy food or other various items at the store. CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid carry health and beauty products, but they also carry food! You can get $25 worth of free food this way.

• Coupons: Along with getting free gift cards you can also use coupons to get items for free! Also, there are some coupons out there that will allow you to get an item for free. I’ve had coupons for a bottle of free ketchup, a bottle of salad dressing for free, a package of all beef hot dogs for free and so on. Not to mention the coupon for free candy from Mars that is currently going on. Couponing is an incredible way to save tons of money on groceries and health items. You can get many grocery items for free or next to nothing by using coupon strategies, watching for sales, stacking coupons and buying food in bulk when it’s at a good price or getting as much for free at a time as you can.

• Food banks: The old tried and true method of getting food when you are in dire straits and have no where else to turn, the local food bank or a local food ministry will always be willing to help you out. You can get canned goods and other non-perishable items from them.

• Mystery shopping: If you become a mystery shopper you could get food for free at restaurants or even possibly from pizza places. The only catch is that it’s not free up front. You have to pay for it first and then get reimbursed for your purchase once you’ve completed the work and filed a report for the mystery shopping agency you work for. But it’s still technically free food because you are getting the money back for it.

• Forage for edible food or grow your own food: You can forage for edible foods that grow wildly in your backyard and all over the place, just make sure it is edible and not poisonous. You may want to get a book that shows pictures of edible wild plants. You can also hunt and fish for wild game for free food. Wild game is good for you because it doesn’t have as much fat as animals that are bread for the purpose of slaughter. Plant a garden, plant some fruit bearing trees or grape vines, plant as much as you can or what you think you will use. Harvest the food and can what you don’t use or barter with someone else for other foods or money for your food you’ve harvested. Canning is a good way to preserve food for later use and bartering is great when you want to exchange the types of food you have for another type of food another farmer or person may have.

• Eat a free meal on your birthday: I don’t think it’s a well kept secret anymore, but there are a lot of restaurants that will front you a free meal on your birthday. Go to Free Birthday Treats to find out all the restaurants you have to choose from.

• Sharing food with others: If you can get together with friends or family once a week or every so often and eat with them, then definitely do so. If your friends or family invite you over for dinner, that’s a free meal. You can also return the favor and invite them over for a free dinner. If you know someone is struggling you can help them out with an occasional free meal and they will greatly appreciate your kindness. You could have a pot luck where everyone brings one thing for the dinner. Also you could decide on certain days of the month as to who’s house the dinner will be at. You can make it a social gathering of family or friends where you can talk and eat together.

• Dumpster diving for waste from others: You can take the leftovers that other people throw away and recycle them. This method does sound a little controversial to most people though. There is tons of food that is thrown away every year by restaurants, grocery stores and everyday people. There are people out there who take that food and reuse it. Just be careful not to get food poisoning because food that has been left out too long can breed germs and harmful bacteria.

• Kids eat free or very cheap at many different restaurants usually on certain days of the week: Go to My Kids Eat Free to check out all the different restaurants and which days to take advantage of the amazing deals out there.

• Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deals: There are many buy one get one free deals found at grocery stores and at restaurants for food. If you go to a restaurant one person can eat for free as long as you pay for another meal. If going by yourself you could buy one meal and then get another one free and save it for the next day. At the grocery store you can find many deals occasionally where they run great buy one get one free sales on lots of different food and non-food items. Take advantage of buy one get one free deals, you’ll be amazed what you can get.

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Comments (3)

Fantastic info, very helpful to so many in these tough times, thanks so much!

As a non-reformed chocoholic, that Real Chocolate site was awesome for me, they even have a "get chocolate" button! Sweet. Great article, thanks for the info.

I wonder if there is in Canada a restaurant that offers a free meal to American citizens on the day they take their Oath of Citizenship. -Yep, -this coming Wednesday I become a Canadian citizen (retaining my U.S. citizenship, will have dual citizenship.)