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A Review of Aubrey's Restaurant in Powell, Tennessee

This is a review of Aubrey's Restaurant in Powell, Tennessee. This a mid-scale restaurant that is part of the local Aubrey's Restaurant Group.
This is a review of the Aubrey’s Restaurant in Powell, Tennessee. It’s located on I-75 just north of Knoxville.

Aubrey’s Restaurant is part of the Aubrey's Restaurant Group. It is a mid-priced restaurant that is know for good food and even better service. The restaurant has a bar as well as a full service restaurant at this location.

My husband and I have dined here several times. We have been consistently pleased with food quality and service. The night we chose for the review was no exception. It is a quiet restaurant with a casual low key atmosphere.

We walked in and our hostess immediately showed us to our table. She made small talk as we were on the way. Then she left our menus and said that the server would be by soon.

Our server was named Emily. She appeared in just a minute to take our drink order and to answer our menu questions. My husband and I each decided to have iced tea to drink. We also decided to try the Spinach Con Queso appetizer. A .pdf of their menu is available for download.

The Spinach con Queso appetizer is one of my husband’s absolute favorites. Aubrey’s Restaurant advertises it as being a homemade spinach and cheese dip. It is not a spicy dish but tastes great. This arrived just after our iced teas.

For our entrees my husband chose a large platter of buffalo chicken tenders. These lightly breaded chicken tenders are coated in a mild buffalo sauce. My husband chose a side of mushrooms and a side french fries. The runner forgot to bring the blue cheese dressing but Emily fixed that in no time.

My entrée was the salmon. Normally, I’m not a fan of fish but Aubrey’s in Powell does an excellent job. It was citrus glazed and cooked perfectly. My sides were parmesan spinach and a baked potato.

The potato was hot but the texture was a little thick. It seemed as though it had been sitting for a little while. The flavor was still good so I kept it. We were there at 8:30 pm. It’s hard to complain about potato quality when you are dining so late.

The spinach was hot and flavorful. The parmesan cheese and spinach works well together. It made a tasty side to the salmon.

All-in-all, we found Aubrey’s in Powell to be a good dining choice on the evening we were there. Even though we were dining late, the staff never made us feel rushed. There is no doubt that I’ll be back again.


Aubrey’s Restaurant

7535 Conner Rd.

Powell, TN 37849

Phone: 865.938.2724

The bill was $40.86

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